Competence Domains

Analytics, Dashboards and Apps

Our data scientists and front-end development experts collaborate to deliver insights from Machine / Deep Learning through dashboards and Apps that boost user experience and business performances.

Cloud Native Computing

We use cloud native technologies with agile practices of building software to leverage DevOps and automation allowing our customers deliver and run Fast Data software architectures based on micro-services.

Big Data Engineering

Our enterprise data management practice designs, delivers and manages on-prem and in cloud Big Data architectures leveraging AI for data ingestion, transformations and governance, DataOps pipelines and data catalogs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We enable the integration of IoT data with existing enterprise systems and deliver solutions that manage data collected by cameras, drones, wearables and other devices with the rest of the data ecosystem.

Technologies and partnerships

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We have an holistic approach to technology that combines open source software with tech from leading IT vendors.


Lines of service


Data acquisition technologies (sensors and actuations, equipment, machines, processes), safe and secure scalable IoT monitoring and control, location-based system performance monitoring, customisable dashboard-rich apps customizable at various levels and user requirements.

Professional Services

Enterprise experienced consultants ready to fill critical IT roles such as business analysts, solution architects, programme managers and technology evangelists drive innovation and contribute to your company’s growth.


Equip your teams with the most in-demand skills of the future through project-based programs and real-world projects created for industry leading companies. feature engaging videos, dynamic learning exercises with real–time feedback, and more.

Our work

Selected Customers