An information processing service to streamline collection, indexing and recovery of customer-facing documents.

The Client, Wind Retail, is the the commercial arm of Wind Telecomunicazioni, a primary Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with operations in Italy and a subsidiary of Russian telecom group Vimpelcom. The Client runs a number of retail stores across the country producing, at the time of the project, more than 2,000 signed contracts daily – each one consisting of two or four pages. A copy the customer's id (with a photo) was attached the contract and for this reason, more and more, police and other law enforcement agencies ended up subpoena a copy of these contracts while carrying out an investigation.

The Client wanted to streamline the process of retrieving the records under subpoena and we provided a service that allowed the Client to meet their obligation to the law while keeping the related cost as efficient as they could possibly do.


The biggest challenge was presented by the stringent lead time between the date the contract was collected from the retail store and the date the contract's retrieval meta-data had been indexed. Therefore there was great pressure to work fast thus increasing the risk for loss of paper contracts.


The solution was based on lenghtly devised logistics plan to optimize collections that were concentrated in just two pick-ups a year. We also designed real-time KPI-focused reporting to provide our Client's full visibility and control over the entire phases of the process. We also came up with focused web base training aimed at the point-of-sale managers in order to smooth operations on the retail store side too.

Logistics diagram.

Once this was in place, the rest came easy: our solution comprised of industry leading capture software and scanners to capture data from the contracts and a secure repository from where data was easily transferrable/exportable to other enterprise systems.


This new solution has significantly reduced the Client's overheads who has also seen a significant reduction in the cost of physical storage space for paper. With information made available far quicker, with eliminated errors e document losses, enhanced data protection security and reduced time spent handling paper.