We carried out an in-depth assessment of the steps the advertising arm of Italy's national broadcaster needed to go through to fully implement e-invoicing in public procurement.

The Client, Rai Pubblicità, a subsidiary of Rai, Italy's national public broadcaster, is the exclusive dealer of advertising and sponsorship solutions on behalf of its parent company. The Client is owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and, at the time of the project, was involved a project addressing compliance with impending new regulations that forced all European organisations, with customers in the public sector, to adopt paperless invoicing ("e-invoicing").


The project had a deadline set by the coming in force of a new Italian law that implemented the European directive on e-invoicing in public procurement. A second challenge was represented by cuncurrent software maintenance operations, carried out on the Client's invoicing system.


KDM FORCE was involved in the advisory side of the project, only and did not take part in the implementation. KDM FORCE, however, in its capacity of subject matter expert helped the Client understand the e-invoicing in European Directive 2014/55/EU as well as its Italian implementation and its implications in the IT systems (the invoicing system) and the invoicing related processes.

National e-invoicing system.


KDM FORCE provided:

  • examples for the implementation approach;
  • specifications to interoperate with the national e-invoicing system and
  • implementation design requirements and limitations.