KDM FORCE crawled Terabytes of unstructured data to provide insights in Italy's largest cell tower sale to this time.

The Client, Wind Telecomunicazioni, a primary Mobile Network Operator (MNO) with operations in Italy and a subsidiary of Russian telecom group Vimpelcom, decided the sale of more than 7,000 of its cell towers to a third party.

In this scenario, such third party, a "TowerCo" (or an investment firm, like a private equity fund), is an independent business that owns the tower structure of the cell tower and leases the land parcel from the land owner. In this way, the MNO can concentrate on running the telecom equipments (the antennas, the base stations, the HVAC equipments, the shelters, etc.) hosted - under a long-term contract - on the cell tower .

Business model.

In order to carry on the multi-party deal, the Client devised the ratios to select the list of towers to be presented to the bidders, such ratios were the "structural compliance" (to assess the compliance status, of each tower structure, with the Italian national and local regulations) and the "radio capacity" (to identify the potential to increase the tenancies hosted on each cell tower).


In order to assist the Client in selecting the towers for the sale, according to the the structural compliance, KDM FORCE needed to define a check-list to audit the tower life-cycle documentation and then rapidly implement a process to access and analyse both digital data residing on the Client's systems (ca. 1 Terabyte of data) as well as paper-based content (ca. 20,000 binders).


At KDM FORCE we started the project performing an initial assessment aimed at defining the know-how, the business process (workflows) and instruments (technology) that were considered necessary for the effectiveness of the project.

Solution diagram.

In order to provide operational efficiency and consistent results, we worked on the technology side of the solution and developed a vertical document management system. In order to attain the interpretation, analysis capabilities and organization of data, the service side of the solution was supported by our experience on the business processes of the Telco industry.


We have captured content and transformed it in live data for direct use for our Client's business systems, and supported our Client's strategic, operational and compliance decision-making, including the assessment of the true value of our Client's assets, and subsequently helped the largest cell tower sale, to this time, go through.