An already fast aviation service made faster



KDM FORCE developed a customer facing communication app to streamline quoting and accelerate aviation services' delivery.

The Client, Babcock International, a global provider of infrastructure management in the aviation industry with operations in fourteen countries, at the time of the project was delivering ground support equipment ("GSE") support services to a customer based in Italy. In its continuous strive to provide high levels of readiness to its customer, the Client needed to streamline the quoting of its services, track the negotiation and speed up the approval of the quotes by their commercial counterparts.


With around 7,000 managed GSE, an unlimited variety of quotable services and complex pricing rules, our Client struggled with the intricacies of its quoting process. In order to work faster and to avoid organizational bottlenecks, the Client wanted also for all its business users, normally involved in the off-line quoting process, to collaborate in an online environment. Additionally, the Client required the flexibility to make changes on the sales process in order to make such process adapt to the changes in its operations.

To better meet the company’s needs and better serve its customers, our Client resolved it needed a custom-tailored Configure-Price-Quote technology.


At KDM FORCE we started the project performing an initial assessment aimed at defining the know-how, the business process (workflows) and instruments (technology) that were considered necessary for the effectiveness of the project.

In order to provide operational efficiency and consistent results, we worked on the technology side of the solution and developed a vertical Configure-Price-Quote system.

During development, great care was given to user experience ("UX") since we wanted, as the user configures services or adds them to a quote, the app builds what users might recognize as a "shopping cart" on the screen. Users can click on the items list to fly out details, then return to the actual quote as needed. And, in addition to giving business users the long-desired ability to update the services they manage, our team made it possible for business users to add new products as well.

On top of all this in order to make the UX more familiar and speed up user adoption, our team modeled the new software interface on modern consumer grade app standards.


It took KDM FORCE less than four months of development time to build the Client's new software. Users, both internal and external, finally, quote process was reduced from days to minutes, since day one.