We delivered a new generation collaboration tool to facilitate the orchestration of complex mobile network roll-outs involving a multitude of stakeholders.

The Client, Ericsson, a global leader in telecom equipments, network infrastructures and ICT services with customers in over 180 countries, needed to address the acceleration of network roll-out deployment projects. These projects in our Client's way of work involved a multitude of stakeholders (subcontractors, internal teams and administrative offices, etc.) and required the orchestration of the operations.

In order to ensure the proper follow-up at all levels and cooperation among stakeholders, the Client needed new-generation collaboration tools to increase productivity, speed-up roll-outs while reducing projects related risk and assuring the Client's flagship quality of services.


Paperwork relating to projects had to be sent back and forth, and the information therein had to be tracked consistently in order to identify any potential issue. With the impending workloads in view, the Client's ecosystem of partners had very little or no access to the Client's internal servers, all communications therefore relied on emails, exclusively, to share projects' documents across the internet.


We set up an app called "NROCK" (the acronym of Network Roll-Out Collaboration Kit) that connected co-workers to clients and suppliers in order to collaborate seamlessly while maintaining control over the information necessary to each roll-out project.

The solution had the primary goal to make document collaboration simple and secure - helping teams and clients to work better together. We achieved this working along three directions:

  • Security: we worked with the idea that many diffferent profiles of user (both external and internal) would use the system, so addressing security - without limiting accessibility - became our first concern.
  • Usability: we designed an intuitive, consumer grade, user interface made software adoption very fast among the various stakeholders.
  • Reporting: we addressed the need to provide insight on operations. The centrlised tool provided teams the ability to download raw as well as semi-structured data to run and compare quarterly reports and track productivity over time.
A screen shot of the tool UI.


Thanks to the collaboration solution put in place, the Client had significantly reduced its reliance on email and everyone involved in a project knew exactly where all of the relating information was stored. With many people travelling back and forth between sites, KDM FORCE has ensured that field workers no longer needed to have access to the Virtual Private Network, when on the move. The home workers could securely retrieve all the information they need and engineers, out in the field, could easily view the schematics of an installation, for example, on their iPads or smartphones. Prior to this project, this would have involved hundreds of megabytes of emails.